Oh My! What an AMAZING year 2011 was! I must say that I am so thankful for this community. Everywhere that I was, no matter what the event, there was nothing but love from all of you. Through the generous giving of all of you, Sweet Miracles accomplished a lot. Of all things, I am so pleased that the children at Open Door Orphanage all received new mattresses. Where do we go from here? Well, I am currently finishing up my education. I will be kicking the factory back up in April, just in time for Easter Orders. I have some very specific goals for 2012, which can be read about on our "Goals" page. The first goal of getting Joana into safe housing and into college, is more important that can be conveyed in writing. Joana has lived in an orphanage that has not ever showed her what true love is. She lacks the knowledge of what a healthy loving environment is. She has no idea what that looks like as she has lived in the orphanage her whole life. Joana will be forced to leave the orphanage on April 2, 2012. It is my goal to move her into a foster home (Missionaries home that we have there), get her enrolled in college and help her to accomplish her dreams of becoming a high school teacher. Now getting her into the foster home will do a couple of things. The first being it is a transition spot. It will give her the chance to see what a loving family looks like and experience life on a whole different level. This will help her when she is on her own. She will be less likely to fall victim to being used by men for inappropriate actions. The vision we have for Joana is transitioning her from orphanage to independent living. We do not want her to become dependant on our
American dollar. So we will be transitioning her emotionally first, teaching her life skills, helping her start her college life and then help her achieve a living environment of her own.

Joana, is driven, and she wants to do good. She is willing to do whatever she has to and is always looking forward. She has a bright outlook on life, a beautiful spirit and dreams of a bright future. She longs to serve God someday and I can tell you that she will. She is a bright student and is extremely excited and grateful that Sweet Miracles coming along side of her. I can not wait for the day that I get to return to the Philippines and give her a big hug.