See you at the Saturday Crafts And Art Market! On 5th & E Street....:)
I love our community! What an awesome weekend we had...Art Along the Rogue was amazing as usual. I loved seeing all of the families, adults and children alike, walking around and viewing the talent that was on display. What a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful event.

Returning from my mission trip, I set a goal of raising the funds for 33 new mattresses. I immediately started making phone calls and booking events. Christmas Bazaars mostly. This weekend was the first of the events and I am excited to announce that we did AMAZINGLY well. I had prepared and produced the same amount of candy as I would for any show. I am glad to announce that this show made a record for me. My very first sell out show. Not just once but twice. You see, the first day I sold out by 2pm. This included my famouse chocolates and macaroons. So I came home and started baking for day 2. I headed out this morning with all the cookies I could bake in one evening and set up. Guess what? Day 2 I sold out by 1pm.

So how did we do? . We raised enough to purchase EIGHT of the Thirty Three mattresses....:)

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What an AMAZING day! The weather was beautiful and the people were out and about enjoying life. There was live music and dancing and all  were participating. The artist where busy creating 3D art like never seen before. I was right out in the thick of it all. I brought down the Oreo balls, Coffee Crunch, Toffee, and Coconut Macaroons. It was amazing. People where buzzing around and snatching it up. I was SOLD OUT by 2:45. This is a two day event, so what did I do? I came home and started cooking. I look forward to see how our efforts total up in reaching our Goal.....33 Brand New Mattresses which cost 2,000. Check back in tomorrow for the results.