Thanks to your AMAZING support, I was able to complete a mission trip to the Philippines a couple of weeks ago. This experience was such a blessing. I want to let you know that all of your support went so far....I was able to do so many things for the children when I was there. I visited two different orphanags while I was there and saw the Lord working. I must admit that the trip was far more emotional than I thought it would be. The message I tried to send to the children was a message of HOPE! At one point one of the 16 year old girls said to me "I am JUST an orphan". This ripped my heart out. You see, in Gods eyes we are equal but that messsage was never told to this beautiful, talented, young women. She has completed the entrance exam for the University of the Philippines and we are praying that she gets in. Please join me in praying for her. She will find out in January if she gets accepted.
The Lord showed me many things during my visit. I have been praying for direction and he is being faithful in answering that prayer. The culture is amazing. So eye opening for me. I can not wait to see what the future holds and continue on this journey of sponsoring the adoptions of these children. Hope you enjoy the slide show below.

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