I love our community! What an awesome weekend we had...Art Along the Rogue was amazing as usual. I loved seeing all of the families, adults and children alike, walking around and viewing the talent that was on display. What a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful event.

Returning from my mission trip, I set a goal of raising the funds for 33 new mattresses. I immediately started making phone calls and booking events. Christmas Bazaars mostly. This weekend was the first of the events and I am excited to announce that we did AMAZINGLY well. I had prepared and produced the same amount of candy as I would for any show. I am glad to announce that this show made a record for me. My very first sell out show. Not just once but twice. You see, the first day I sold out by 2pm. This included my famouse chocolates and macaroons. So I came home and started baking for day 2. I headed out this morning with all the cookies I could bake in one evening and set up. Guess what? Day 2 I sold out by 1pm.

So how did we do? . We raised enough to purchase EIGHT of the Thirty Three mattresses....:)

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